Avondale Library
Birmingham, Alabama

Originally constructed in the 1960s, Avondale Library underwent a complete renovation allowed the facility to make better use of its formerly tight and confined spaces. The new entry creates an inviting and defined space that strongly departs from the original indistinct entrance. The interior circulation space allows the patrons to flow smoothly through the open areas that are defined strongly but simply be changes in flooring materials and slight grade transitions yet enabling full accessibility. The renovated facility consist of an adult's section, a children's area and meeting/administrative rooms. The interior aspects of the library is now suitable to the breathtaking view at the adult reading room's full height window wall into the park. The renovation of the library has sparked a cultural revival for the Avondale area including the complete renovation of the adjacent Avondale Park and an array of renovated building and homes housing everything from bars to arts/crafts sellers.
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Charles Williams & Associates
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